Success of the meeting "Mirogoj: challenges of heritage preservation"

Experts meeting Mirogoj: challenges of heritage preservation
The event that took place on October 27, 2022, received many positive responses and organisers would like to thank everyone involved for their participation.

About the experts meeting

On Thursday, October 27, 2022, a live-streamed experts meeting entitled "Mirogoj: challenges of heritage preservation" took place as one of the project activities within the framework of the long-term efforts of the gathered collaborators in finding solutions for the challenges of the daily functioning of the Monumental Cemetery Mirogoj, the upcoming reconstruction of the cemetery after the earthquake in 2020, and in relation to the potential of Mirogoj as a tourist-heritage destination. 

Among the speakers at the event was also ASCE president, Mrs Lidija Pliberšek.

During the meeting, the live broadcast was followed by about 110 viewers, and the current figure of over 200 views refers to subsequent access to the recording available for viewing at this LINK

Thanks to the participants

The organisers of the event thank the participants with the following words:

"We would like to thank you all for your participation in the expert meeting dedicated to Mirogoj, as well as for your efforts in preparing individual presentations. Positive reactions have not been absent and are still not abating, which is primarily due to your valuable professional and practical contributions in understanding the various dimensions of the heritage values of the historical Mirogoj cemetery, and the layered issues of long-term management of this protected area and active city cemetery. We are especially grateful for the provided perspective of international networking around the topic of the touristic and educational potential of historical cemeteries."

TV show and radio broadcast

In addition to the previously prepared episodes of the show "Historical Controversies" for the Third Program of HR (available HERE), for which we once again sincerely thank Mr. Gordan Ravančić, the topic of the restoration of Mirogoj and the entire collaboration was also present on the air of Radio Sljema.

Immediately after the meeting, the head of the City Institute for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Monuments, Lana Križaj, was a guest of the program "We are rebuilding Zagreb together", with an appropriate comment by the head of the City Cemeteries branch office, Igor Rađenović.

Therefore, we would like to thank both of them for this added contribution and share the LINK for subsequent listening to the recording of the show for all those interested.

Photos from the experts meeting