Funeral arrangements for minorities and migrants

Jewish Cemetery
Short presentation of the project "Cemeteries and Crematoria as public spaces of belonging in Europe: a study of migrant and minority cultural inclusion, exclusion and integration".

About the research

This HERA-funded CeMi project has researched the issue of cemeteries and crematoria not being inclusive enough regarding minorities and migrants in a modern multicultural Europe. The aim was to find possible solutions for this situation and present lessons for policy makers, politicians, and stakeholders at all levels, that will help to build more inclusive and heritage-sensitive communities.

The study was carried out on the example of 6 European countries: Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, and Sweden but it could certainly be applied to many other countries in Europe and the world.

You can find out more about the project at this LINK.

Presentation of the results

A public presentation of the study will be held on November 17, 2022, from 1.00 to 2.30, at the Netherlands House for Education and Research (NETH-ER), 22, rue d'Arlon, 1050 Brussels.

The presentation will include the final report on funeral arrangements for minorities and migrants in the aforementioned countries as well as some recommendations for future improvements.

The individual articles are available HERE.

The number of places at the presentation is limited so registration is required.

Animation video about this topic

Researchers worked with animator Stacy Bias to provide an overview of different religious and secular practices in cemeteries and crematoria. The animation video seeks to highlight that the enablement of different ritual and spatial requirements is important for the provision of inclusive public cemeteries and crematoria.

*The cover image is symbolic. Source: Pixabay