UNESCO initiative from Germany

UNESCO initiative from Germany
The "Kuratorium Immaterielles Erbe Friedhofskultur" invites you to join the initiative "Intangible cultural heritage: Cemetery culture in Europe".

About the initiative

Cemetery culture is part of the "Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage" in Germany. It refers to the architecture of cemeteries, burial practices and mourning and commemoration rituals. Associated craft techniques and customs preserve this cultural form and ensure the maintenance of the cemeteries.

The official partner of the German UNESCO Commission for the care, preservation and further development of this intangible cultural heritage is the "Kuratorium Immaterielles Erbe Friedhofskultur". This non-profit association is now reaching for a UNESCO nomination of "Intangible cultural heritage:  Cemetery culture in Europe" as a common initiative of several European countries. To achieve this aim, it is necessary that other European countries obtain the Intangible Cultural Heritage status for their national cemetery culture.

Call for cooperation

The Kuratorium is now looking for European partners. If you are interested in collaboration, please contact Tobias Pehle (director of the Kuratorium Immaterielles Erbe Friedhofskultur) at info@kulturerbe-friedhof.de or +49 163 171 70 39 925.

The official call for cooperation can be found HERE.

*Photo by Tobias Pehle, source https://www.unesco.de/en/culture-and-nature/intangible-cultural-heritage/cemetery-culture