Steering Committee meeting 2024 in Oslo

Steering Committee meeting 2024 in Oslo
In the picturesque landscapes of Oslo, Norway, on the 14th and 15th of March 2024, the ASCE Steering Committee convened, igniting a beacon of progress in the realm of sustainability and community engagement.

Meeting agenda and main outcomes:

  • Membership: The meeting covered membership concerns, including economic, technical, and administrative issues, and adapting invoice procedures for each member. Strategies for resolving various membership statuses accordingly to the charter were set up.
  • ASCE operations: Proposals were made regarding changes to the charter and redefining member status. Furthermore, discussions on the vision and other organizational aspects of ASCE's future operations were conducted. In doing so, both the usefulness of the changes and legal aspects were taken into account. Plans for upgrading the website and further development of an effective CRM system were also presented.
  • AGM 2024-2027: The Steering Committee checked and discussed the AGM 2024 program and conference theme. The date of this year's event was confirmed, and the communication plan was established. A call for hosting AGM 2025 to 2027 will be released soon.
  • WDEC: Proposals were made for this year's and future WDEC, focusing on utilizing cemeteries as communication areas for sustainability. This involves leveraging United Nations promotional materials, creating exhibitions, sharing stories of important people in sustainability, educating on water-efficient plants, preserving heritage through sustainable initiatives, etc.
  • European Cemeteries Route: The future of the European Cemeteries Route is also oriented towards sustainability. The work of the Sustainability group will continue. Training academies were recognized as very beneficial, and decisions were pending on participation for the current year. The Stories project will as well focus on sustainability by addressing themes outlined by the United Nations. Furthermore, it was noted that ARtour would soon provide custom applications for European Cemeteries Route members.
  • Future plans and projects: Among other things, the debate took place on possible ways to ensure the accessibility of cemeteries to disabled people. Ideas regarding activities in 2025, when we will mark the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II, were presented. Participation in the European Heritage Days project has been discussed.


Steering Committee meeting 2024 in Oslo

Overall the refreshed Steering Committee held a successful and very productive meeting.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Cemeteries Administration of the City of Oslo for their warm hospitality and impeccable organization.

More details on the individual topics discussed at the meeting will follow in further communications.