Unveiling the restored grave complexes in Kreuzberg cemeteries

Unveiling the restored grave complexes in Kreuzberg cemeteries
On April 9, 2024, a wonderful celebration and opening took place at the Alter Luisenstädtischer and Dreifaltigkeit II cemetery in Berlin, Germany.

About the event

On Tuesday, April 9, 2024, the Evangelischer Friedhofsverband Berlin Stadtmitte unveiled the results of completed restoration work on two remarkable historical grave complexes in the Kreuzberg cemeteries on Bergmannstrasse, along with their innovative repurposing concepts.

Superintendent Dr. Silke Radosh-Hinder dedicated the monumental grave site of the Löblich-Liebau Family at Alter Luisenstädtischer Cemetery to serve as an open-air chapel for funeral services.

The Kunzemann-Bornhagen Mausoleum, meticulously restored in the Dreifaltigkeit II Cemetery, now functions as a mourning farewell room. Here, relatives can spend precious additional time in a dignified ambiance bidding farewell to their departed loved ones.

Funding for these restoration projects was provided by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), the Berlin State Monuments Office (LDA), and the German Foundation for Monument Protection (DSD), along with contributions from the Evangelischer Friedhofsverband of Berlin Stadtmitte.

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