WDEC 2024 at the Laeken Cemetery

Cemeteries’ Spring 2024 at the Leaken Cemetery
The Cemeteries’ Spring event, taking place during WDEC 2024, is an excellent opportunity to discover the beautiful Laeken Cemetery, often referred to as the Père Lachaise of Belgium.

About the event

On 25 and 26 May, the 3rd edition of Cemeteries’ Spring will take place at the Laeken Cemetery in Brussels, Belgium. This year's theme: women and cemeteries.

Passionate guides will take visitors on a guided tour of one of the region's most beautiful cemeteries and pay tribute to those who have been forgotten, who have remained invisible or whose voices have not been heard enough. Along the way, people can enjoy the musical and poetic interludes of Amusea, a new artwork in progress by Maren Dubnick and some classical music by the 'Ensemble Oncques pareille'.

The event is completely free of charge. There are eight tours per day: four in French, three in Dutch and one in English. Reservations are required before 24 May 2024 via e-mail servicedespublics@brucity.be.

In addition to the cemetery, visitors can also discover the former Atelier Ernest Salu, which exceptionally opens its doors for this occasion. In this workshop, 3 generations of Ernest Salu have created many grave sculptures. It now houses a small museum on grave art.


You can find all details about the event on the website www.brussels.be or via Facebook.