WDEC 2024 at the Vienna Central Cemetery

Vienna Central Cemetery in Austria
Discover some of the many activities related to environmental sustainability taking place at the Vienna's Central Cemetery in Austria.

Celebrations of nature and biodiversity, along with recognition of cemeteries' significant impact on the urban environment, are present throughout the year at the Vienna Central Cemetery. Here are some of the events centered around environmental sustainability happening at the cemetery during the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries 2024 and beyond:

Photography Exhibitions
Admire photographs capturing the wildlife at cemeteries.

Bee-Friendly Initiatives
Learn about the role of bees and how cemeteries can support bee populations.
25.5.2024, at 10.00 am and 12.00 am

Wildlife Photography Workshop
Participate in a photography workshop focused on capturing wildlife at the cemetery.
8.6.2024, at 9.00 am

Biodiversity at the Cemetery
Explore the biodiversity present on cemeteries.
6.6.2024 and 14.6.2024, at 3.00 pm

Urban gardening
Visit the workshop to learn more about gardening.
15.6.2024, at 4.00 pm

Nature Experience for Children
Children can join a special guided tour that introduces them to nature on the cemetery grounds. It’s a great opportunity for exploration and learning!
22.6.2024, at 2.00 pm

For more information and more events visit the website of Friedhöfe Wien and celebrate with us.