Photo exhibition announcement

Opening of exhibition of photography under project EUCEMET
As a part of conference ASCE and collective project of Pogrebno podjetje Maribor, Association of significant cemeteries in Europe (ASCE) and Zavod MARIBOR 2012 - European capital of culture, an opening ceremony will take place on 13. September 2012 at 19.30 on the sphere of Memorial park Dobrava, next to photography exhibition “European cemeteries: Soul gardens, variety and heritage”.

The exhibition includes 117 photographies of different authors from 23 cities and 16 countries, with whom we present cemeteries as an important part of cultural heritage of a specific place, people and habits through time. The exhibition includes 7 parts – it travels through time, telling stories. All 117 photographies is included in photo album, from which 34 is exhibited and they represent all included cities.

The main goal of the exhibition is the presentation of culturally-historical heritage of European cemeteries to local population and tourists. Cemeteries are presented as open air museums. In this way, local community is stimulated for preserving, protection of cemeteries and also to contribute to socially-economic development of local communities.

In project, next to ASCE, 3 partnering cities are included: Avilés from Spain, Nebbiu from Corsica (France) and Nicosia from Cyprus. Project is co-financed from European committee – Directorate for education and culture.

The exhibition will be solemnly opened by: Anunciada Fernandez de Cordova Alonso-Viguera, ambassador of Spain, Costas Leontiou, ambassador of Cyprus and Pierre-Francois Mourier, ambassador of France. Franc Kangler, mayor of City council of Maribor, will also perform a solemn speech.

Check out what a great success the opening ceremony of the exhibition was and how it attracted many visitors and media.