AGM 2019 report

AGM 2019, Ghent
On October 3rd, the Annual General Meeting took place at Provinciaal Administratief Centrum 'Het Zuid' in Ghent.
Over 150 participants from 19 countries joined a splendidly organised meeting and conference. Thoughtful presentations and sparking debates revealed the possibilities and issues in shared use and reuse of cemeteries.

AGM was preceeded by Mrs Lidija Pliberšek, president of ASCE and all steering committee members were present or gave proxy to other members. During the AGM several things were outlined and discussed:

1. Elections of new steering committee and presidency took place. Among candidates, members voted for following:
  • Lidija Pliberšek, Maribor, Slovenia (president)
  • Renate Niklas, Vienna, Austria (SC member)
  • Martin Ernerth, Berlin, Germany (SC member)
  • Thodoris Tzoumas, Skiathos, Greece (SC member)
  • Melissa Lamaida, Bologna, Italy (SC member)
  • Andreea Pop, Bucharest, Romania (SC member)
  • Miquel Trepat Celis, Barcelona, Spain (SC member)
  • John Moffat, Liverpool, United Kingdom (SC member)
Newly elected president Lidija Pliberšek nominated new delegated representatives:
  • Ian Dungavell, London, United Kingdom
  • Olaf Ihlefeldt, Berlin, Germany
2. Steering Committee and presidency work in the past 4 years was presented by Mrs Lidija Pliberšek.

3. Financial report for 2018. A well balanced finances statement provides secure future for general work of ASCE. Mrs Lidija Pliberšek presented the surplus achieved that is invested into future work of ASCE.

4. New members of ASCE, European Cemeteries route and new significant cemeteries were presented and provided certificates of membership.

5. Scientific Representative report was presented by Andreea Pop, highlighting the editorial work for AGM and future ideas on improving scientific work.

6. List of hosts for AGM 2020-22 was presented. Host of AGM 2020 (Milano) invited participants to the next year's event.

7. Mr Dušan Vrban as the manager of the European Cemeteries Route presented the ideas for further developments. One of the most important projects is the first ever European Cemeteries Tour that will take place in Croatia in May 2020.

8. An overview of other important projects that are taking place at ASCE and Route were presented by Mr Dušan Vrban. Among many projects that take place at ASCE, WDECSchools on cemeteries, Symbols and Stories were emphasised.

9. Special report was prepared by our host, city of Ghent with complete overview of the conference.

Photos from the AGM and conference are available at this album.