WDEC 2022 in Italian cemeteries

WDEC 2022 in Italy
Program of events and guided tours in Italian significant cemeteries - members of Utilitalia-SEFIT, on the occasion of the Week to Discovering European Cemeteries 2022.

About the Utilitalia-SEFIT

The public companies that manage the main Italian monumental cemeteries are associated in Utilitalia-SEFIT, which has established in 2015 a Technical Table for the historical, artistic and tourist enhancement of its cemeteries by organizing promotional activities and signing memoranda of understanding first with the Tourism Directorate of the current MIC, then also with the ASCE Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE) - custodian of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe: European Cemeteries Route (CEMR). 

Members of Utilitalia-SEFIT

The Staglieno of Genoa, the Monumental of Treviso, the Certosa of Bologna, the Verano of Rome, the Monumental of Milan, the Certosa of Ferrara, the Monumental of Turin, the Monumental of Mantua, the Cemetery of the Villetta of Parma, the Monumental of Verona, the Bolzano Cemetery, the San Cataldo di Modena, the Monumentale di Treviso and the Monumentale di Trento are among the historical and significant Italian cemeteries members of the Technical Board of Valorisation of Utilitalia-SEFIT.

WDEC 2022 Program and other activities of Utilitalia-SEFIT

WDEC 2022 in Italy

This year, the members of the Utilitalia-SEFIT TTL had the opportunity to join a project of historical reenactment "Giovine Italia, Giovine Europa. Ideas, struggles, emancipation" promoted to "8Cento APS" and the Civic Museum of the Risorgimento, foreseen in the review "Discovering the Italian patriot". 

Furthermore, every year the group of Italian cemeteries adheres to the cultural initiative of ASCE with a series of initiative within the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries

THIS BOOKLET is full of appointments, cultural initiatives, and guided tours that will take place during this year's Week of Discovering European Cemeteries.

The first three dates scheduled for the period are:

  • May 26 - Certosa di Bologna,
  • May 27 - Mantua Cemetery,
  • 2 June - Verano Cemetery in Rome.

Monumental cemetery of Mantua VIDEO CLIP