Virtual attendance at farewell ceremonies

Terrassa cemetery in Spain
Funerária de Terrassa launches the streaming service at Terrassa cemetery that will allow people to attend the farewell ceremonies virtually.

About the streaming service

Funerária de Terrassa makes a streaming service available to families. The incorporation of this new proposal aims to bring the farewell of deceased loved ones closer to people who cannot attend the ceremonies in person.

The project has provided for the installation of a camera in the Multiconfessional Temple and a technological system that allows it the recording and sharing over the Internet of the captured signal.

People who want to choose this option will have a link through which they can do the virtual monitoring of the ceremony through their electronic devices with an Internet connection, and which they can share. During these last months of the year, the service will be offered free of charge and will become optional in early 2023.

Improvement of care and service

Funerária de Terrassa, as a public company, ratifies with this action its commitment to the continuous improvement of care and service, incorporating technological advances and adapting established protocols to make them evolve. 

In this case, the fact of facilitating virtual assistance is particularly interesting in personal situations or geographical locations that make it difficult to attend in person.

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