AGM and Conference 2022 overview

AGM 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia
The unexpected, joyful, unravelling, friendly and above all multicultural days in Belgrade seeded new seeds into ASCE.

Steering committee of ASCE met on Wednesday to discuss the current state and activities. Looking into various options on how to continue far beyond 2022. Why, where and how do members want to continue working on our mission.

Online and offline, discussion was fruitful and rewarding, opening new frontiers.

Many new and old ASCE AGM participants saluted each other at the welcome drink. Warmly engaging into the discussions about the past. Noting the first colours of the future.

The usual rush of the morning AGM registrations was quickly disappearing in the relaxed atmosphere of our hosting city.

AGM schedule was loose enough to allow proper presentation of the important topics while leaving enough time for debates.

After the lunch conference presentations delved participants into the Cemeteries for Everybody theme through various presentations.

Evening walk through the New cemetery of Belgrade served us in many ways. From immense space to the multicultural diversity, our hosting city main cemetery finely contributed to the conference theme and even more to the discussions on the future.

An amazing day ended with a unique gala dinner in the most bohemian restaurant “Tri šešira” of the bohemian quartier Skadarlija.

Singing and even dancing through the poems and songs for everybody concluded a splendid first official day of our annual meetings.

Day two continued on the conference theme, bringing together even those who could not be with us in person.

Thoughtful presentations engaged several comments and discussions that went out through the day until the evening farewell drink.

Unfortunately due to the weather we just missed the visit to the Zemun cemetery.

Above all however the AGM in Belgrade seeded new seeds as expected.

Steering committee and participants agreed that our network must grow and build even stronger relationships in the future. Taking our beautiful history and turning it into a valuable resource for the future.

You can find the official AGM report HERE.