New restoration projects for the Certosa, Bologna Monumental Cemetery

The monumental area of the town cemetery of Bologna is now beginning to reflect its former splendour.
Eight large restoration sites were opened and concluded from the summer of  2013 within the monumental area of the Certosa; these last 12 months have as a result seen the highest number of projects within the town cemetery since 1999, when the Comune di Bologna launched a far-reaching and continuous programme of restoration and promotion.

The work has been done under the responsibility of the Istituzione Bologna Musei | Museo civico del Risorgimento, of the Public Works Division of the Comune di Bologna and of the cemetery’s current operators, Bologna Servizi Cimiteriali, and under the supervision of the competent Soprintendenze.

In particular, the work has involved the restoration of the monumental entrance known as the 'Piangoloni', with the three colossal terracotta statues, and of the two 'Lions' in the southern semicircular area of the Chiostro Maggiore (Main Cloister); and the restoration of the 19th-century monuments to Maria Barbieri, Pellegrino Tomasoli and Olimpia Spada.

Extraordinary maintenance has also been done to the 19th-century paving of the four-sided portico of the northern side of Chiostro (Cloister) III; of the monument to the ‘martyrs of Fascism’ in Choistro VI; and the outside of the Monumento ossario ai Caduti delle Grande Guerra (First World War Ossuary), also in Chiostro VI, with the replacement at the same time of ten deteriorated gravestones.

Certificate of Excellence 2014 to Staglieno Cemetery

A great success!
Staglieno cemetery has obtained the Certificate of Excellence 2014 by Tripadvisor.

AGM 2014 sign up

Join the amazing 3 days in Barcelona.

Recordings at Westerveld for new police series

At the end of June, recordings were made at Westerveld in The Netherlands for the new Dutch police series Noord/Zuid. 

Catholic Cemetery Dubovac (Karlovac, Croatia)

Near Karlovac, under the walls of the Old Town Dubovac, which dates from the 12th century, there is the old Catholic cemetery on Dubovac.

Special evening walk through Westerveld memorial park

On 3 June, Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium in the Netherlands organized a special evening walk through the monumental memorial park. 

Cemetery Vilafranca del Penedès (Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain)

A popular saying asserts that “death is a fact of life” and that it is, therefore, an unavoidable and logical everyday event.

Photo exhibition "Rest in Peace Memories" at Dobrava Cemetery

Photobook Rest in PEACE MEMORIES
On 5th of June 2014, the opening ceremony of photo exhibition "Rest in Peace Memories" took place at Dobrava Cemetery.