All Saints' Day

Deep within our culture is the All Saints' Day pilgrimage. This year, let's make it an All Saints' month.

As Europe is facing one of the worst months of the 2020 pandemic, we are sure it will not change our strongest values, beliefs and piety. Taking care of the cemeteries and tombstones is about maintaining our relationship with the deceased. Loved ones we keep in our memories.

Yet we have to be aware that going out in the crowds contributes to the danger of rising infections.

Thus we call on all our members, friends and colleagues to invite people in extending this year’s All Saints’ Day habits to a full month. Instead of visiting the cemetery on November 1st, do it on the 2nd, 3rd or 15th or 30th. Use the number that is strongly associated with your relationship to the deceased. Their birthday, their wedding day.

Yet again, do it if your local recommendations, rules and measures allow it. Retain our habits, our dedication to preserve and protect the memories resting in the cemeteries.

The relationship we keep with our ancestors is our future.

Lidija Pliberšek, M. Sc.

ASCE president

Photoceramic portraits, an unsuspected cultural heritage

Photoceramics was born in France in 1854 as a decorating technique for pottery. Soon, it became a simple but notable way to portray the dead on their tombs.

Participate at the new photo exhibition: SunCemet

SunCemet photo exhibition main
Any walk among the significant cemeteries of Europe reveals it. The unexpected touches of humanity. Fragile and emotional, yet strong and rational.

Each day, even through the thickest clouds of gray, our brightest star shines on them. Touching the memories, written in the stones. Warming the curves of art with the colors of sincerity.

Catching light in the moment of unique peacefulness speaks its own story about the European cemeteries.

It is what we want to explore in our new photo exhibition.

Send us your SunCemets

May they be sunsets or sunrises, either noon or cloudy sparks. Send us what your cemetery looks like in those special moments.

Most special ones will be printed and presented in a photo exhibition at Dobrava cemetery in Maribor. All appropriate will be part of an online photo book.

  • October 20th for printed photo exhibition
  • November 15th for the online photo book
All photos must be provided under license CC0. All photos will be available to the members of ASCE for download and reprint.

How do you participate? Use this form to upload the photos.

Online AGM 2020

Online AGM 2020
In times of distance we are stepping closer together again. Following many discussions this year with you, our dear members, friends and colleagues, we have prepared and performed several activities.

While the overall situation prevented us to organize another great AGM, we have decided to respond with rethinking and redesigning some of the basic processes. From database to communications and scientific core, ASCE is getting ready to be even more connected in the future.

Using the glue of our common European values to keep us on the mission of preserving and promoting European cemeteries.

Online AGM 2020

Due to the current measures across Europe we have postopned the AGM in Milano, preparing a shorter online AGM.

Online Annual General Meeting will take place on October 7th 2020 at 10:00 AM with live broadcasting.

To join the online meeting, please click here.

Upcoming events at the English Cemetery in Florence

English Cemetery in Florence
Check out the dates of some interesting events that will take place at the English Cemetery in Florence, Italy.

September 24, 2020 at 17.30

Celebrating the bicentenary of the Vieusseux cabinet foundation  at the Tomb of Giovan Pietro Vieusseux

September 25, 2020 at 19.30

Projection of the film “Babette’s Feast” from Isak Dinesen at the cemetery.

October 1, 2020 at 18.00

“Lectura Dantis” - Paradise, Song XXXII-XXXIII, with dinner at the Trattoria 'Il Pennello', at the true “House of Dante” (via Dante Alighieri, Florence). Reservations at:

100 years of The Woodland Cemetery

The Woodland Cemetery
Skogskyrkogården, the Woodland Cemetery, celebrates its 100th anniversary, and 25 years as a World heritage site, with a new exhibition.

This outdoor (and online) exhibition, that is located at the main entrance of the Woodland Cemetery, showcases the 100 year history since its consecration to the future and coming renovations. It also remembers thousands of cemetery workers and others who contributed to its formation and functioning.

The outdoor exhibition will be on display from September 19 to November 1, 2020. The admission is free.

You can find more information about the exhibition HERE.

*Photo by Susanne Hallmann.

Virtual Guide to the Zadar City Cemetery

Zadar mobile app
City Cemetery of Zadar has its own mobile application.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of existence of the City Cemetery of Zadar, the company Nasadi wanted to mark the jubilee and created a mobile application called "Virtual Guide to the Zadar City Cemetery", which is now available on the Google play platform.

This application is a kind of guide that in one place presents the history of the cemetery and the significant people and sights that give the cemetery its historical and cultural importance. The app also has several suggested routes to important people, all accompanied by location views, photos and sound recordings

The application is free for all users, and its release will continue to be upgraded and supplemented with information and, according to the needs of users, develop new options and improve existing ones, as well as introduce an English translation. The virtual guide marked the anniversary of the cemetery, but also follows trends in technology, which would make it easier for visitors to visit the City Cemetery in a different and modern way.

City Cemetery Škaljari

City Cemetery Škaljari
As a clearly defined spatial unit with a series of individual graves, tombs and accompanying sacral buildings and recognizable landscaping of the cemetery with cypresses planted in 1872.year , Škaljari cemetery is a significant cultural and historical monument of great importance for understanding the past of the inhabitants of Kotor and beyond.
In Kotor, where different ethnic, national and religious communities lived during the past, the Škaljar cemetery testifies to the identities of the former inhabitants of the town as well as their mutual differences. Within the cemetery there is a chapel of the Marović family, which has been declared a cultural monument and is protected by law.

There are a large number of nationalities who were subjects of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy buried in this cemetery at that time, their descendants from various European countries often look for and visit the graves of their ancestors.

For many years city council of Kotor has been cooperating with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, which employs archaeologists, restorers, and historians of architecture. We also cooperate with the Italian community in Kotor, which takes care of a large number of graves of our compatriots, with which we plan the revitalization of each individual tomb in cooperation with competent professionals from various fields.

The old town of Kotor has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. It has preserved traces of Illyrian and Roman culture, Pre-Romanesque, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. As a place dedicated to maintaining remembrance but also to building awareness of ancestors, the cemetery has a great role to play in order to prevent oblivion in addition to respecting the cult of the dead. the cemetery in Škaljari is the first digitized cemetery in Montenegro, the third in the area of the former SFRJ. A program (street view) is being developed to enable a virtual tour of the cemetery.


City Cemetery Škaljari

City Cemetery Škaljari

City Cemetery Škaljari


Škaljari b.b.

Kotor, Montenegro

Contact details

Anita Vojvoda
tel: +382 67 257979


Time Travel at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin

The last and peculiar frontier in tourism is discovering the most fascinating and ancient cemeteries in Italy.These special and unusual places full of poetry, history and poignant beauty are part of our heritage and worth to be known and appreciated : silent places of memory, art and melancholy beauty. Torino, the most “metaphysical” and misterious Italian city could not be absent !

The itinerary is the result of a collaboration between Somewhere tour operator ( known for its tours Magic Turin and Underground Turin), Emanuela Moroni, tourist guide (, Cavourese bus company ( and, last but not least, Ms Renata Santoro, in charge for events and visits at the Monumental Cemetery of Torino.

Our tour is having a big success thanks to two main factors:

*late afternoon opening “behind closed doors” when the atmosphere of the site shows an inspiring and special beauty

*the electrical, innovative and ecofriendly minibus, “Ecocity bus”. It’s unique of its kind in Italy: the small “ecobus” drives visitors inside the Monumental Cemetery for our Travel back in Time and History, it ‘s discreet, moves slowly and silently according to the most sustainable trends with zero impact on the environment

We named the tour “Time Travel at the Monumental Cemetery” for stressing the importance of the exclusive opening at sunset when the site shows at its best the eternal and sad beauty and everything turns into a different, poetical light. Moreover by bus the tour can last longer considering the rich heritage of the place

The itinerary enhances the concept of the “city of the dead” absolutely symmetrical to the “city of the living”: the Monumental Cemetery of Torino boasts kilometres and kilometres of splendid and ancient arcades reminding the ones of the city centre. Here the important persons of Torino rest forever : beauty, fame and glory are here displayed like in an open air museum with great funeral monuments realized by artists and sculptors of the Academy of fine Arts. There are replicas of famous ancient tombs such as the so called “ Etruscan couple” whose original version dates back to the 4th century a.C.

There is a “universe” of angels in Art Nouveau style or symbols hidden in the depths of history; there is the touching tomb of Laura Vigo, the little girl with a hula hoop , sculpted in 1908 by the well known artist Pietro Canonica. The young girl is mentioned in a curious legend told by the journalist Renzo Rossotti in one of his books about Torino’s traditions and legends.

The tour is promoted on Somewhere’s website , on social media,on the tourist board office’s website and thanks to the partnership with travel agents and web portals.

The itinerary starts just before sunset on Saturdays and Sundays at 6 p.m.

Meeting point: Piazza Castello (via Garibaldi side)

Cost: 25 euro

Info and reservations:

Ph. + 39.011.6680580


Five appointments at the wonderful Monumental cemetery of Turin for the second edition of the ART Nouveau Week organized by the Italia Liberty Association.
Reservations required.
Call or write to the email address specified for each visit

Here the poster of the appointments:

Here the highlighted page on the AFC Torino SpA website of the Turin Monumental Cemetery