The Monumental Cemetery of Turin (Italy)

Monumental Cemetery of Turin
The Monumental Cemetery of Turin - formerly known as General Cemetery - is the largest cemetery in the city of Turin and one of the first in Italy for the number of deceased.

XXVI International Day of the Tourist Guide at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin (Italy)

Monumental cemetery of Turin (Italy)

Panoramic view of the Superga hill from the Cemetery with the snow

Under the arch to see the  family grave of Pongiglione

How much art!

Have a look at this beautiful vew!

The sun comes out after the snow

There were two thematic routes

There were more than 350 participants divided into groups of  25 people. It 'was a success!

Catholic Cemetery Dubovac, Karlovac, Croatia-Important graves

The Mausoleum of the family

Catholic cemetery Dubovac was established on Novemeber 1st. 1820 and situated an old Karlovac hospital and almshouse.

Guided tour in the Cemetery of Messina (Italy)

Monumental Cemetery of Messina (Italy)
On Sunday, 28th December 2014, a guided tour took place inside the Monumental Cemetery of Messina under the title “Qui dove è quasi distrutta la storia, resta la poesia”.

The restoration of the Polish Cemetery in Bologna is completed

The Cemetery reminds 1,400 soldiers of the 2nd Polish Corps armed fell in 1944 for the Liberation of Bologna and Europe from fascism.