Cemetery of Brussels (Belgium)

Cemetery of Brussels, Belgium
The Cemetery of Brussels is a remarkable cemetery with many military and civilian honour fields worth visiting.

About the cemetery

The Cemetery of Brussels covers 380.000 m² where there are located more than 11.000 graves.

It was created in 1877 and designed according a new layout of cemeteries. Whereas cemeteries used to be managed with tombs very close to each other, here the idea was to design the cemetery with wide avenues connecting to impressive roundabouts. The graves would be built along these avenues and roundabouts or inside fields on a structured layout.

This cemetery reflects the history of the city and the country. Its big superficies made possible the creation of many military and civilian honour fields, such us:

  • Prussians and French (war of 1870 - 1871),
  • Waterloo (1815),
  • German (WWI),
  • Belgians (WWI and WWII),
  • Soviet soldiers (WWII),
  • Belgian Airmen’s force, etc.

The cemetery is also known for the:

  • landscape: numerous variety of trees which make the cemetery a “green” space rich in biodiversity in the middle of the city.
  • Historical Belgian fields and memorials : Independence of 1830, Workers of the city passed away on duty, Congo, Belgian forced workers (WWII), “à l’Innovation” (the highest number of dead in the country during peace period, 1968, see hereunder),
  • Numerous graves of politicians, business men, scientific, artists, nobility members…
  • Several graves designed by famous architects/sculptors : Horta, Jacques de Lalaing, Jamaer, Malfait, etc.

Today, the Cemetery of Brussels attracts many lovers of nature for its biodiversity (bats, fox, many birds, number of types of moss…), lovers of history for the numerous personalities which are buried  there and arts lovers for art funerary and the eclectic style of graves.

Cemetery address

Cemetery of Brussels
Avenue du Cimetière de Bruxelles 159
1140 Evere (Brussels), Belgium

Cemetery contacts

Phone: +32 2 702 91 80
Email: cimetieres@brucity.be
Email: Bergraafplaatsen@brucity.be

Managing organization and contacts

City of Brussels (owner)

Mr Ahmed EL KTIBI, alderman, Hotel de Ville, Grand-Place – 1000 Bruxelles - Belgique
Mr Kambaza NKUBIRI, General Director, bd Anspach 6 (4ème étage) – 1000 Bruxelles - Belgique


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A tribute to Carlo Maciachini

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