The Dobrava cemetery (Maribor, Slovenia)

The Dobrava Cemetery in Slovenia, Maribor
The Dobrava cemetery was established in 1985 with the intention of becoming the main cemetery of Maribor.

A new agreement for the enhancement and promotion of the Certosa Monumental Cemetery in Bologna

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Museo civico del Risorgimento of Bologna and the Associazione Amici della Certosa.

At the foot of the Pyramid: 300 years of the Cemetery for Foreigners in Rome

Les Corts Cemetery (Barcelona, Spain)
From 23th September to 13th November 2016, an exhibition will take place in Rome to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Non-Catholic Cemetery.

Symbols exhibition in Limerick

Impressive international exhibition of symbols that opened in Genoa, Italy is now ready to bi viewed in Limerick, Ireland.

Exhibition in Genoa (Italy)

Les Corts Cemetery (Barcelona, Spain)
On March 4th 2016 at 18.00, an exceptional event will take place at the Ducal palace in Genoa (Italy) representing the project Symbols.

Monumental Spirit: Guided tours at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin

Les Corts Cemetery (Barcelona, Spain)
"Spirito" is an Italian word that can have several meanings: spectrum, shade or joke.

Westerveld part of a beautiful walk through the region

The Noord-Holland hiking network recently compiled a new route which also takes hikers along Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium.

Touristic tours at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin (Italy)

Les Corts Cemetery (Barcelona, Spain)
Guided tours will take place on the occasion of the XXVII International Day of touristic tours 2016.

Central Cemetery of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

The Rallé Chapel at Eastern Cemetery (Rennes, France)
The central Cemetery of Cluj-Napoca was established in the 16th century. Today it is among the largest cemeteries in South - Eastern Europe and a true outdoor museum.