WDEC2015 - Discovering Turin's Monumental Cemetery (Italy)

Family Grave: Brondelli di Brondello
Artist: Giacomo Ginotti
picture by: Simona De Pascalis

Special guided tours through the emotion of the discovery of art and history at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin (Italy) in the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries.

Saturday 30th of may:
10.30 am
A walk to the Monumental between curiosity and celebrities Reservations at the telephone number +39.349.570.511.8
  1.45  pm
The Holy Shroud through the works of the Monumental
Reservations at the telephone number +39.339.605.736.9 
  2.00 pm
The route of Resistance in World War II
Reservations at the telephone number +39.347.312.041.9
  3.00 pm
Crumbs of history.
Reservations at the telephone number +39.347.487.627.7

Saturday 31st of may:
11.00 am - 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm
Representation of the sacred rituals of the Jewish tradition inside the cemeteries.                                                                                Reservations at the telephone number +39.347.489.166.2
  1.45  pm
The Holy Shroud through the works of the Monumental
Reservations at the telephone number +39.339.605.736.9 
  2.30 pm
The Monumental revealed: wandering among the friendly graves of the cemetery 
Reservations at the telephone number +39.339.388.598.4

WDEC 2015 - Night guided tour at at the Cemetery of Ciriego

Night guided walk during WDEC 2015
Join us on the night guided tour entitled “Heroins. Portraits of women in the face of adversity” (Heroinas. Mujeres ante la adversidad).

WDEC 2015 - guided walk at Varaždin Cemetery

Varaždinsko groblje
Guided walk named "Revived Past" will take place on 2nd June 2015 at 11.00 am. It is organized by the students of secondary school of Business and Tourism Varaždin and Parkovi Inc.

WDEC 2015 - Guided walk at historic Mõigu Cemetery

One of the few survived headstones at Mõigu.
Estonian Heritage Society invites to guided walk at historic Mõigu Cemetery on 27th of May at 16.00.

WDEC 2015 - Guided walk at the Old Cemetery of Podgorze

As every year, association PODGORZE.PL invites you to a guided walk at Old Cemetery of Podgorze (Stary Cmentarz Podgorski, Krakow, Poland).

Municipal Cemetery of the Capuchins (Mataró, Barcelona)

Municipal Cemetery of the Capuchins (Mataró, Barcelona)
The Catholic cemetery of the Capuchins began to provide services in 1817 and today consist of 13.612 graves.

WDEC 2015 - events at Verano Monumental Cemetery

Verano Monumental Cemetery (Rome, Italy)
The Department of Culture and Tourism – Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Rome has organized two concerts at the Verano Monumental Cemetery.

WDEC at Cemetery Trsat in Rijeka

Guided tours, musical performances and photo exhibitions.

Certosa of Bologna. WDEC and summer calendar 2015 (26 May - 29 September)

Thirty appointments plus guided visits.

WDEC 2015 - Literary-musical Cultural act in Cementiris de Barcelona

Cementiris de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
This event is a tribute to the poets and writers buried in the cemeteries of Barcelona.