1945-2015 National Liberation in Turin (Italy)

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After 70 years Torino celebrates the liberation from fascism at the Monumental cemetery too.
AFC Torino S.p.A. in collaboration with Partisan Associations and the Museum, presented a tourist route in memory of the Italian Resistance.
From the Memorial to the districts of the City: the struggle of the partisans in Turin (Italy)

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Northern Cemetery (Rennes, France)

Northern Cemetery (Rennes, France)
The Northern Cemetery (Cimetiére du Nord), designed as an English-style garden, with sinuous drives and varied vegetation, is an incentive for walks and peace.

SEFIT met Italian Minister for Cultural Assets

On 10 March 2015 a delegation from Federutility’s funeral section SEFIT met Dario Franceschini, Italian Minister for Cultural Assets & Activities and for Tourism, in Rome.

Annual General Meeting 2015

Foreigners in Significant Cemeteries

AGM 2015 invitation video

Join us at AGM2015 and discover the impressive city and cemeteries of Bucharest.

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International Conference
Heritage of Death: Landscapes, Sentiment and Practice

Turin: opening doors to Tours

Between art and history is the hidden treasure of the city.

Vår Frelsers Cemetery (Oslo, Norway)

Vår Frelsers Cemetery (Oslo, Norway)
Vår Frelsers Cemetery. The romantic park where Munch and Ibsen rest in peace.